This project has required a tremendous amount of resources. Planning the trip, going on the journey, and especially processing the material we have assembled has taken us months and months of work. In addition, the costs of the trip, equipment, and services we needed to put all of this together cost a substantial amount of money, most of which came from our own savings. We are therefore incredibly grateful to the people, who have supported us so far. Many have donated some money via our crowdfunding site. Others have welcomed us into their homes. And, last but not least, more than 50 people have taken the time to sit down with us for interviews. We are especially thankful to the Program for the Study of Realist Foreign Policy at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies at The Ohio State University and, in particular, to its director, Randy Schweller, for supporting our project with generous funding and an opportunity to present our findings at the Mershon Center in the spring of 2020. If you would like to support this project as well, you can make a donation at You can further support us by telling your friends and family about this project or by sharing it via email and social media.

Thank you so much, Sonja and Tim!